New York CIty, May 19-21, 2023

‘an extraordinary combination of
tech, media, culture and cool’

brings fans, storytellers and the intelligence community together to explore the issues, narratives, secrets & technologies that shape our world.

In partnership with major networks and studios, tech companies, and intelligence professionals, we've created an entirely new premium event experience.

From stories such as Citizen Four, Zero Dark Thirty, The Spy and Argo, based on real world events, to popular fiction such as Killing Eve, Jack Ryan, and The Blacklist, fans will dive deep into overlapping themes across social and streaming media, espionage and cybercrime, surveillance and privacy.

The SPYCON Experience:

Masterclasses - TV & film greats, intelligence and investigative rock stars, and tech innovators

Immersive experiences - designed by real spies and the studios behind leading films and shows

Panels & screenings - with leading authors, creators and investigative journalists

New technology - demonstrations, gadgetry and skill challenges


Checkout our sister event: SPYFLIX Festival


SPYCON will take place at SPYSCAPE HQ and surrounding venues in New York City, with Keynotes in Los Angeles and London. *COVID-19 permitting


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